About Us

The wealth of experience we have at Ventx establishes us as the go to company for industrial silencers. We have decades of acoustic knowledge and manufacturing expertise. That means there is no other company in the UK in a better position to help than us.

Our industry specific knowledge is also second to none. We support clients in an array of industries, catering for various types of noisy machinery and systems. Whether you have trouble with a vent or vibrations in a pipeline, we can help.


One of the things that help us to stay at the head of our industry is we focus on providing the most innovative solutions. We also make each silencer bespoke to maximise the performance.

It can be very difficult to plot a noise path or even find the source. However, we can look at any kind of facility or site and use our acoustic modelling software to get as much data as possible. We then interpret this and use our findings to settle on the right size, configuration, and design for the silencer.

Achieving the highest standards

If that wasn't enough, we always focus on delivering the best standards. A big part of this is we make sure that each silencer will comply with environmental and industrial legislation. This ensures we get the noise down to the safest level.

In addition, we work to make sure that every silencer is a high quality product that will last. Our goal is to deliver products that will perform for years.

Speak to us about industrial silencer design

We have an excellent reputation and lots of happy customers all over the UK. So, if you have a noise problem at your facility or on a site, we would love to help. You can contact us to arrange a site visit to assess your operations. We will offer clear advice and recommendations.