Silencers are specialist items that need to fit the specific application to provide the best results. We design each industrial silencer so it is bespoke for the client.


Industrial Silencers

Industrial noise is a problem that every single business needs to think about. It is their responsibility to address it, especially if there is a risk to people on and around the site. They also need to think about the environmental impact the noise pollution will cause and how it can affect performance. Ventx can help, offering a bespoke industrial silencer for almost any need.

Silencers are one of the best ways to reduce different types of noise. For example, you can use them to quieten noises from machinery, vents, ducts, fans, and more. We are one of the UK's leading silencer designs, so we can give each client the best support.

Designing silencers

Our goal with every single silencer is to make sure it fits the application. The issue here is that if it doesn't, it could cause even more noise rather than reducing it. What that means is there is no universal solution, even for similar systems or pieces of machinery. Instead, we have to put the effort in to create a product that is unique to each application.

We design silencers by using acoustic modelling software to get a better idea of the site, noise source and path, and silencing options. All this information means we can devise the right product. It ensures we get the exact configuration and size.

There are several different styles of silencer to choose from. For example, we can design vent discharge silencers (VDS) in either horizontal or vertical shapes. Or, we can offer control valve (CDS), direct in-line (DLS), or steam (SES) or gas (GES) silencers. Every product we create will comply with the latest industrial codes.

Do you need an industrial silencer?

Ventx has become a leader in the UK because of our expertise and dynamism. We can support clients in a diverse array of industries, including manufacturing, petro-chem and more. Whatever type of noisy equipment or system you are dealing with, we can offer a solution.

As well as delivering a high quality industrial silencer, we work hard to make sure every client has the best experience. This is at the core of our business. So, if you have any questions for us, or would like a quote, please get in touch.